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Finding opportunities and analysing investment deals

With all the BREXIT hoo-ha, falling interest rates across the world (and negative interest rates), USA and China tension and overall talks of potential slumps in the world markets and economies, there's bound to be lots of questions in your want to ask! Most importantly for investors is to know where they stand if such a economic crash... cough cough... OPPORTUNITY rises! 

Infinity Wealth will always focus on being current to the market. We won't teach strategies which don't match the current market conditions. So for this months workshop we'll be focusing on Auction Properties and finding and analysing opportunities that will come up. Auctions are going to be great places! Statistically and historically, in this period people will want to sell up, FAST and that alone presents lots of opportunity! 

In this Advanced workshop Dr. Marttand Patel will cover:

  • Understanding how Auctions work

  • All the different forms/types of auctions

  • What you need to do in preparation of the auction

  • How to do due diligence for Auction Properties

  • Making sure you don’t loose money at Auctions and that you are safe and stay protected

  • Going through legal packs from auctions and understanding them thoroughly

  • That secret games in Auctions

  • The problems that can occur at Auctions and how to avoid them

  • Going through a live auction catalog

  • Picking out and analyzing live deals setting you up for an your auction visit

  • Going through your own auction catalog for your investment area and picking out deals

Saturday 26th October

10am - 4:30pm



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